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2012 Photos

"Postwar" Merc

"T" Bucket with attitude

1970 Chev  4X4

Ford "cousins"   ( '41 &  '39 )

Bob & Karin's '67 pickup

 Rich & Luann's new Challenger

Chevy panel with a big block

1962 Rambler project

'62 Dodge "wedge"

"Advanced design" Chevy half-ton

Mopar muscle car
A visit from the Model A Club

1924 Model T pick-up

An original economy car - Ford Falcon

Oh, yeah

Twin Torinos  (well, almost)

Marty's new ride - '39 Chevy

Richard & Dolores's Model T touring car

Nice "T Bucket"

Chevy Custom Pickup

"Hurst Olds"

"One Owner" Chevy hauler

"No rain tonight!!"

Nice Olds

1957  MG sedan

A Mighty Mopar

Merc / ElCamino Hybrid  (cool!)

Fran & Sue's new ride

Big bad "Vette"

'84 GrandPrix

Classy Chevy pickup

"Tri-power" Ford

Re-born Chevy half-ton

Model A "driver"

'57 Chevy hardtop  (and it's for sale!)

Pony muscle

Fred's 1939 Studebaker

New look for this Model A  hauler


Fire-breathin' Cutlass

Buick cruiser