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2010 - page 2

                                                 Never too young to go "cruisin'"
The plate says it all
Bear's custom Ford pickup
A perfect night for cruisin'
"Cruiser of the Week" Tees  (His & Hers)
Joe's  Ford "Tow Truck"
Pete's 1955 Chevy
Late Model "Cruisers"
Bill's Cobra-Jet Torino
Bikes, bikes, bikes . . .
Red's '39 Chevy
Len's Firebird
1973 Opel GT

A "top down" kinda night
Transfusion from Dale's Hupp  to our generator
"Old" friends
1963 Avanti
Walter's "SL" Benz
1978 Dodge "Lil Red Truck"
"Cruiser of the Week" - Mary H
"T.J"'s black Merc in now black cherry
A Model-A and the proud owner
Dave's Vette
Bob's '36 Ford (in progress)
Dodge "Demon"